New & Improved Fix A Bra (Nude)


Our new and improved Fix A Bra is absolutely FAB! We have pumped up the adhesive .This adhesive sticks to various fabrics and textures. FAB’s are awesome for patching underwire breakthroughs, blouses that are gaping, cushions areas of discomfort in shoes and small holes in clothing. We have also created an amazing package that gives our product so much personality. Open the FAB package and you are greeted with a pleasant surprise by artist Mari Robeson. Mari was commissioned to create a custom bra holder which encases your FABS in a new resealable carrying case. Each pack of 30 comes in a carry card which is also plastic wrapped and sealed. Product made in the USA of a Flannel/Cotton blend. learn about our shipping policies here and detailed product information here.

We ship to Canada, Australia and the USA


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